Adobe re-designs site

Adobe has recently launched a site re-design. A fair amount of chatter as to what features individuals view as improvements and which are viewed as cumbersome. (ie: Home page has nearly half the page taken up by an animation. Nice animation…but 1/2 the site area is gone to an ad.)

That said, what I find most interesting to note is that nearly all the links point to folders rather than files. I can see a number of advantages with this sort of design implementation. First and foremost being that if you change back end server technology you do not need to change your paths.  It’s no longer page.html, .cfm, .php, etc. Now it’s simply

You can change your whole backend and people’s book marks would remain valid. There is a lot to be said for such a design implementation.

Downside? Well, for Adobe, considering they sell Coldfusion (a back end server), it now reduces the presence of the .cfm pages.  So there could be a marketing loss.

1 Response to “Adobe re-designs site”

  1. 1 Jim December 28, 2007 at 10:31 am

    I don’t like the new home page design. For one thing, I have a wide-screen monitor, so the search and feedback controls are way out in right field, completely disconnected from the rest of the page:

    Another issue is the horizontal tile scroller on the Developer Connection page. First of all, it’s DHTML instead of Flash. Worse, it doesn’t work properly (at least in FF 2.0 on Win XP Pro SP2). When I click on the right scroll button, it scrolls to the left. When I click on the left scroll button, it scrolls to the left – except occasionally, when it reverses direction for a fraction of a second. It probably works fine in Safari and IE2, but since I don’t work for Adobe, I didn’t bother testing it any further. 😉

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