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360Flex “Atlanta”

I will be in Atlanta, Georgia next week attending the 360Flex Developer Conference.

If any of my readers are attending, be sure to grab ahold of me and say “Hello”. This year I will be graced with the presence of my beautiful wife, and darling little girl.

– The Saj

PS – For those unfamiliar with the 360Flex conference. It is a developer conference that is very community driven. There’s no big $$$ corps behind it. It’s focus is on Flex development and related technologies. It tends to have a very intimate feel, where you can find yourself bumping into numerous recognizable names (albeit perhaps not faces), such as Doug McCune, Jeffry Houser (The Flex Show). But more importantly, good seminars and hands-on sessions!

SWFObject 2.0 not returning userAgent in IE6 (anyone else encounter this?)

UPDATE: The new SWFObject 2.0 (Release Candidate 2) resolved this issue. The examples below should now give you the browser agent info when using IE6…

The one caveat, Firefox on XP needs wmode to be set to either “transparent” or “opaque”, otherwise a pop-up occurs.


On the left side observe IE6 loading the same swf, embedded in
standard Flex 3, SWFO 1.5, SWFO 2.0. Please note that that in SWFO
2.0 we receive “null”.
Now, the left two columns shows several other browsers loading the 3rd
Note that it is working fine on Firefox XP, Safari 3 XP, Opera XP,
Firefox OSX, Safari 3 OSX. The only other exception being Safari 2,
which has known issues with externalInterface as I recall.
So clearly there is something not quite right with SWFObject 2.0
running IE6
Here are the three embed templates:….….
Source code of example:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=”
layout=”absolute” viewSourceURL=”srcview/index.html”>
private function Test():void{
Debug.text = “<<” +“function getBrowser()
{varBrowser = ”+ navigator.userAgent;alert(varBrowser);return
varBrowser;}”) + “>>”;
<mx:VBox x=”10″ y=”10″>
<mx:Button id=”btnTest” label=”Click to View userAgent Info”
<mx:TextArea id=”Debug” width=”450″ color=”Navy” borderColor=”Red”/>

The Nightmare that is “_blank”: Part II (resolved???)

UPDATE: I have found the issue with IE & pop-up blocking. It was not in fact the fault of SWFObject. Rather, the issue was a particular parameter entry: wmode=”transparent”

Yes, the simple removal of this entry caused IE’s pop-up blocking to cease. It appears I finally have a working solution – I tested on: XP (IE6, Firefox, Safari 3, Opera) & OSX (Firefox, Safari 3, Safari 2). The only caveat now being that the use of wmode=”transparent” causes IE to pop-up block.
Okay, I am putting this out to all of my readers…

I’ve almost got every browser working for my “_blank” clicks. The final exception is that on IE clicking is triggering a pop-up blocker. Surprisingly, it is not my code that appears to be the issue – or at least not directly – rather, it appears to be caused by the use of SWFObject to embed the .swf file. (We use SWFObject for our .swf embedding for a variety of reasons.)

Below are three links to my “Example 2” , each using a different loading method. Standard as generated by Flex, SWFObject 1.5, & SWFObject 2

If anyone can provide insight as to why the use of SWFObject is triggering the IE pop-up blocker, please, please let me know!

– The Saj

PS – Here are a few additional links on “_blank” issues. These demonstrate examples of using Callback, which I have not implemented but might consider incorporating.



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