Apple + AT&T = Worst Service on the Planet (RANT)

I am now convinced that when you combine Apple’s super-secret policies and AT&T employees trained in anti-Customer Service you get the worst experience on the planet. THANK YOU STEVE!!!

Okay, so Friday I was one of those geeks standing at the opening of the nearest AT&T store to get my iPhone.  We waited in line…they came around and asked us to fill out a preliminary form, and to inquire as to which model we were interested in.

Around 9:40 after about 15 people had gone thru the store we were informed that they were out of stock. Apparently this store only had 30 iPhones in stock. And I swear the lady with the four little kids left with 5 of them.

It was quite annoying as the AT&T employees repeatedly refused to specify how many phones they had in stock. Even though they knew that they had twice as many people outside the door when they first opened.  So we waited for a possible 10 o’clock UPS delivery which never came.  The sales guy then offered people to sign up for a drop shipment to arrive in 2-10 days.   Of course for many of us, including the guy from New Jersey standing in line, this was not the best store to drop ship too.

When someone asked when they might next expect a shipment. The salesperson stated 4pm.  But then went on to say that they won’t be selling those until tomorrow.  When asked why, he said because it’d be unfair to us – seeing as we stood (needlessly I might add) in line all morning.  So I then asked, what if we stayed until 4pm.  “No, we still won’t sell them until tomorrow.” So his answer was total balogne.

So a couple hours later I then went to another store nearby, this one happens to be on my way to & from work. And therefore much more convenient to drop ship to. Only to be told they’re not taking any more fulfillment orders.

So fast forward to Monday.  I stop into a store nearby my work. They still have no iPhones.  Ask about fulfillment but turns out I need my wife to be involved as well. Problem, I work in a different city than we live in.  A couple hours later I then had my wife (with 1 yr old daughter in tow) go back to the store near us to do a fulfillment order.  They tell her they’re no longer accepting fulfillment orders because the warehouse is backordered.

So then I talk to Apple customer service, waiting 15 minutes for a manager. The customer service rep was quite nice, but when she didn’t transfer the call properly.

Can we say five ***** for failure?


For those wondering why I didn’t just wait and to answer Mathue’s very valid question/comment on why I’d wait in line for an iPhone.  Essentially, my contract with Verizon has been over for a few months.  Both my wife and my phones are on their last legs. My wife’s super crappy Chocolate phone died.  We got an old Verizon phone but it’s very basic and the battery doesn’t hold a charge. My PDA phone had died, I got sent a replacement but this particular unit is really buggy.  (Beyond normal Windows Pocket PC bugginess.) It’s battery is also starting to wear out.

My wife also gets a 24% discount on her AT&T wireless bill. So we’ve been planning to switch. Knowing that the iPhone 2.0 was just around the corner – I did not really want to get another phone. So I was looking to finally get some new phones for my family.  Otherwise, I’d not be so intent on purchasing nor so impatient.

1 Response to “Apple + AT&T = Worst Service on the Planet (RANT)”

  1. 1 mathue July 14, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Meh, why on earth you would wait in line for a phone is beyond me. Not to mention a super hyped phone at that, There were glitches (it was AT&T’s turn) at the last launch, this one is cheaper, has features that people wanted. Seriously dude, I don’t stand in any line for my Apple kit, anyone who does needs to re-examine just why they are buying it. It’s not like you wouldn’t have been able to buy it a week from Friday or a month from Friday or 3 months from Friday. I’ve always had stellar service from Apple over the years, the one time I had a bad machine it was fixed rapidly and without drama. I can’t say I don’t have a bit of schaudenfrade over your situation. Yah, it’s a pretty cool bit of electronics, but it IS electronics, and MASS PRODUCED electronics at that. I’ll be able to pick mine up in 60 days and still get as many kudos that gently rub my self esteem, without the hassles. And on my face will be a wry smile as the wave of schaudenfrade washes over me.

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