How Apple is quickly losing my business

Below is a letter I have written and sent to several relevant government departments.  It expresses a recent situation I had with my iPhone that has left me quite livid.

Dear xxxx

I am writing to request that you investigate Apple Computer for fraudulent behavior and theft.

Let me explain the situation. I own an iPhone. I have purchased applications from the Apple Online Store. This is the only method of putting applications on your phone that is sanctioned and does not void the warranty.

Apple is engaging in monopolistic behavior. Restricting applications that might compete with it’s own applications (ie: Adobe Flash, Media Player, and even smaller utilities and features which they plan to add to the iPhone at a later date.)

But Apple has gone a step further. You see, I bought a little application called “iStat” made by a company called Bjango. The application had a “free memory” tool. This allowed me to free up available memory (for the non-computer saavy, think of it as emptying the garbage can when it’s full). It worked great. Many of the performance issues (sluggishness, crashes, freezes) I was having with my iPhone were resolved thanks to this tool.

Apple forced Bjango to remove this feature from their application. This has led to my iPhone suffering many crashes and freezes. Furthermore, I contacted Apple at 5pm today, expressing my dissatisfaction and requesting a refund. They refused my refund. So wait a minute, I bought an application, Apple forces the developer to remove the feature that I bought the application for, and then refuses to give me a refund when they have invalidated the value of the software for me.

Essentially, they reached into my phone. A device I OWN, not Apple. And took away a feature. Not from their software, but from software of another company.obs arse.


Yes, I know I didn’t have to update. Yes, I am sure some pretentious person will say I should have read what was in the update. But let’s be realistic. Numerous iPhone apps are updated every couple weeks.  No one has the time to go through and read what dozens of apps state as the updates on a given basis. Nor should someone expect key significant features of an application to be removed in an update.

And hence, the entire problem with the iTunes store.

6 Responses to “How Apple is quickly losing my business”

  1. 1 Josh September 10, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    You had me up until the last line. How disappointing. Threatening violence on anyone, even if not serious, isn’t appropriate when sending a request like that.

  2. 3 John September 10, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    Maybe it was the method that Bjango used (and others) that is why Apple wanted all Free Memory apps removed.

    Bjango explains that the “free memory” feature accomplishes its task by allocating memory until the iPhone OS detects critically low memory levels and terminates the other background processes.”

  3. 4 mark September 11, 2009 at 9:08 am

    This is why I won’t buy an Apple product. They are for lemmings.

  4. 6 September 16, 2009 at 9:11 am

    Seriously, Josh, I am sick and tired of Apple lovers telling me that my etiquette is more important than my problem. Get a life and drop the politically correct attitude. If you can’t help, don’t comment! Hippy!

    Jason, whilst I am a huge fan of Apple software and hardware, their update supply is outreaching their reliability and yes, they are being somewhat monopolistic in their approach and the good will that they have garnered with their excellent product releases over the last 2 years will soon wear thin with all but the die hard Apple fans (those that kept them alive during the dry decades). Look at their financials over the last few years. They have sky rocketed and that’s because of all the new customers who now love Apple, but they are NOT die hard Apple fanatics and if Apple don’t make their software more reliable and their approach less monopolistic those people will just go back to other suppliers and platforms.

    Threaten all you like Jason, Apple need to know the mood of the consumer and as an intelligent person, I recognise that this is just an expression of your frustration, not an actual threat of real violence. Only an idiot would believe otherwise.

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