Set Me Free! Adventures in Jailbreakin my iPhone

This weekend I jailbroke our iPhones. It was actually a pretty painless adventure.
So what are the benefits?
– can now record video
– tether my iPhone to my laptop
– once again I have free memory tool
It opens you up to a iPhone worm that can infect jailbroken iPhones unless you update your root password.  Below I will give you the steps that I took. It’s quite easy and any moderately adept computer user should be capable of doing the following processes:
1. First download the “blackra1n” which is an easy jailbreaking tool.
(Select Windows or Mac)
2. Make sure your iPhone is updated to 3.1.2
3. Tether and run “blackra1n”, click “Make it rain!”
(This will install an app called blackra1n.)
4. Run app and install the three appls (Cydia, Rock, & Snow)
5. Launch Cydia and download an app called “Mobile Terminal”, this will allow you to change your root password. All iPhones have the same default password, making it easy for hackers to access root.
6. Run the terminal…
– Type passwd and hit enter
– Enter alpine for your old password
– Enter new password & confirm new password
7. Tethering – download an app call MyWi. Install and configure. You will now be able to turn your iPhone into a Wireless access point.
8. Free up memory – download and install MemTool. This app features a free memory function similar to what used to be included in iStat before Apple forced them to remove the feature.
9. Record video – download and install cycorder. You now can record video.
ENJOY a much better iPhone experience!!!!!


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