The continuuing saga of the iPhone

The other day, iTunes synced and deleted all but 5 randomly selected contacts. It also deleted the contacts from my Windows 7 machine. Can we say NO DATA INTEGRITY.

So I still had not been able to get my iPhone to sync all my contacts after 2 months. We’d also had a lot of dropped calls. Especially my wife. We purchased an M-cell, we had the sim cards changed out. And the final solution was to have the phones replaced. Which we did last night. Apple says the logs show that the phone itself claims to have only lost a couple calls during the week. My wife probably drops a couple calls in a single phone call.

The good news on my part is that the new phone synced the contact data properly. Hmm, for an issue that wasn’t supposed to be related to the phone itself in anyway. I am sure hoping it’s resolved now.  The bad news? iTunes seems to NOT have the back-up I did right before replacing the phone.

Dear Steve Jobs,

Your software is pathetic. Using a media player to manage and sync a PDA phone is just about the dumbest thing a bulti-billionaire company has ever done.  iTunes is basically a data eating, data corrupting repository.  You limit access and control to back-ups & media, and provide no means to manage contacts and syncing.

Please, FIX your crappy sluggish memory hogging software’s performance. But most of all, please take a more data protected approach.  The most important things we have on our computer is data. And I’ve never seen a program mysteriously delete more “data” (be it songs, contacts, etc) than iTunes.

– Jason the Saj




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