AirPrint = dud

Well I was excited about the possibility of printing from my iPhone. Something that I’ve always felt was a missing feature to begin with.  So I figure I’d either have to install something on my PC and have my phone connect, or that it’d be very limited printing – but printing none-the-less.

I was wrong. I guess I should get used to Apple disappointing.  The printing is limited to a select group of printers (approx. 10). So unless you happen to be one of the mere few thousand to own such a printer. AirPrint is merely a waste of screen space.

Oh well…

On the positive side, Apple has decided to allow for a free MobileMe account to facilitate finding your phone and other theft features. This is a great step. But I ‘ve felt for all we pay a month. We should get to sync our contacts as well.

Here’s to hoping that this is a step in the right direction.


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