TRON: Legacy

I have waited over 25 yrs for this movie. A quarter of a century is a long time to wait for a sequel…

So here’s my review….I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

The new TRON movie is a bit darker, a little less playful. If I had to describe it in terms of other films, it is a cross of the original “TRON”, “Blade Runner”, and “I, Robot”.  With much more the feel of Blade Runner.  I think many will feel that the movie progresses a tad too slowly.

TRON Legacy is no Matrix. It’s not going to leave you walking out of the theaters thinking their is a splinter in your mind. It’s hard to make a firm judgment on the film, as we’ve had near dream-like expectations. The honest truth, it doesn’t meet those dreams.  That said, there is a lot to enjoy in the sequel. Including seeing some ol’ friends.


The Positives:
– Revisiting the Grid
– Some stellar visuals
– Great soundtrack
– Ol’ friends.
– Glowing blue coolness
– Solar sails
–  The Recognizers….I always loved these, but the new ones are uber-cool.
– 3D, TRON is a movie that benefits from 3D. Ironically, the most overwhelming scene for me was a flyover at the beginning of the movie in the real world. Literally made my stomach dip; and felt like I was falling.

The Negatives
– Slow at times
– Some convoluted dialog and statements.
– Doesn’t quite have the magic of the original
– No multiplying bugs
– No bits (Yes, No, No, NO)
– Miss 90 degree turns
– Jeff Bridges portrayal of Flynn was not quite what I was expecting. But that could be a good thing.

[Minor Spoilers]
The Positives:
– Clu, was by far the the most TRON like feeling character. To me, he fit the world so well. I loved the performance, even the look and feel of him.
– I was not as disappointed in the performance of Sam Flynn, had heard a lot of trash about the acting. But though it was decent, except for the final closing shot.
– There is an aerial seen that is rather impressive at points.
– TRON, nice to see this character included in the sequel.
– Pre-Grid real world stuff. A touch of hokiness here and there. But I actually REALLY liked this part.
– There is definitely a big window left open for a sequel at the end. And I think I’d like to see one. While this film may not have fully lived up to my expectations. I think it has actually laid the groundwork for a much better follow-up film.

The Negatives:
– Castor character, saw a lot of praise for this character. But it didn’t do much for me.
– Felt how they described the ISOs was kind of weird, and would have come across much better if they just described them as “souls”.
– There were aspects that seemed to be cut out and never came to fruitation.  Two examples. Sam Flynn picks up an extra light cycle bar. You expect it to get used at some point, but never does. Another is the mention of one particular light cycle being faster than all others. But we never get the opportunity to see this.

Overall Score:
C+ to a B, I am really not settled yet. I think I need to see it a second time.  Somewhere between a score of 78-84. (Probably closer to the 84.)

I did enjoy this film. It had it’s weak spots for sure (Jeff Bridges defining of what an ISO is being the biggest for me). But it also had it’s strengths.  I have found that after a day or so I am still running a lot of imagery and scenes in my head – which is a good thing. I’d definitely have changed a few things. But I am determined to see it again, and even perhaps bring my wife.

UPDATE:  Saw it a second time on IMAX3D. I enjoyed it more the second time. Had decent re-play value. Brought my wife, she enjoyed it as well. Gave it a 7 out of 10. Mind you, my wife is not from my generation and did not grow up on TRON.

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