A friend posted about Code Warm up level challenge

Well, I didn’t have much time. And haven’t free coded in ages. I had an idea but it didn’t work perfectly. Tried to do just a mock-up and even that ran into trouble. (For whatever reason, my Level Up code is broken. It was working 20 minutes ago. But now _levelUp += 1; suddenly becomes 128. Er huh what? Went to debug, but no longer have Flash Debug version thanks to last update.

Anyways, the concept is to get away from all the typical level up bars. I mean it’s almost a guarantee that an RPG is going to use a level up bar or a pie. But why? It is probably the simplest way to convey a level. But it’s definitely not original.

My thought was to use the color spectrum. We know how primary/secondary color circles work. Red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, to purple.  So theoretically you can show a progression via color change.  Furthermore, standard RGB has something like 16,000,000+ colors. So right off the bat you have an XP system that can handle 16 million experience points.


Not sure, whether I would implement a different color shift for a level or if I would have each level go through the entire shift. And use a level multiplier to handle the XP. (ie: Level 1 only needs 1,600 XP.)  Well there you have it, food for thought.

It was fun to code even though I kept finding myself hitting hurdles. That is until I hit the += bug.  Seriously, WHAT THE HECK am I doing wrong. Source code is available. It’s probably some stupid typo or goof. Having been coding ActionScript in a while. Rusty.
More info over here on the code warmup…


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