Dear TV Network

When are you guys going to stop being stupid?

Seriously, I do not understand why all of you networks “just don’t get it”.

1. Internet programming – I will never buy cable again. I watch a handful of shows and am tired of paying $150 for mostly nothing I want to watch.

2. Discovery Channel is actually one of the content providers that has shows that I want to watch. (ie: Dual Survival & American Chopper)

3. I am a busy computer programmer with 3 children under the age of 5. This is not the 1950’s, I don’t get to come home after a long day at work and just sit in front of the ‘tube.

My TV viewing is sporadic. I might watch 2-3 episodes of a show in a row as I do bills, and other tasks.  I want to watch my shows when I want to watch them.  And just what do you think happens to a viewer who misses a few episodes of a linear show?  We quit watching, that’s what.

3. Networks seem afraid to make all shows available. Often they only have 1-4 of the most current shows of the season. The problem, I might go a whole month and not get the free time to watch one of my favorite shows, and then I’ll watch 5.  But they’re not available…WHY?  What are you losing? Quit with the stupid licensing.

4. TV Everywhere….my preferred method of watching TV is streaming through my Xbox or iPhone (and/or outputting it from my iPhone to a TV).  Please allow for this easily.

And stop with stupid “this show isn’t licensed for playback on devices”. That’s just stupid. What difference does it make if I watch the show on my computer, my phone or streaming through my Xbox/Roku.

5. Commercials – I really don’t mind commercials, as long as they’re not too excessive. In fact, I often like commercials. What I don’t like seeing is the same commercial 5 times.  But I really like it when a company sponsors a particular show, and then has 3-4 unique commercials.

But seriously, don’t think commercials are the big problem. I’d much prefer easy access and availability with a few more commercials.

6. Quit lying in bed with Comcast and other cable networks. They’re not the future – WE ARE!!!

Seriously, my understanding is that Comcast pays the average network between $1-$3.  Well, I’d be willing to pay $2/month for the Discovery or History Channel.  But I’m not going to pay a ton per episode.  iTunes wants to charge $2 an episode. That’s $2 for what I could mostly get free, and for what I am unlikely to ever watch again. And why pay $24 for a season of a show. When if I buy it on DVD I can at least re-sell it and have a hard copy.

No, keep it simple.  Do a flat rate (no more than $5/month) for the entire network. And $2 per show per season. Remember, you can still make money on commercials.

7. Remember, I like your shows, I want to watch your shows. Keep it easy and flexible. Let me watch the way I want, where I want, when I want and how I want. The result is you’ll get a lot more viewership. Oh, and guess what’s great about the internet. No survey and guestimate on rating. You’ll know every view. And if you got reall smart you’d start linking the ads right from the TV show.

If your old AARP CEOs don’t get the above, then they need to be fired/retired, and replaced with someone who understands the internet.  I don’t care if they’re 20 or 70, as long as they understand the internet, and modern day American lifestyle – the fact that things have changed.

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