AT&T vs Verizon

A few months back I was looking at switching providers. For a couple of days I had two Galaxy Note 2 phones. One on Verizon, and one on AT&T.  I decided to do some “speed/performance” testing.  While traveling between Pennsylvania and Baltimore I conducted numerous performance tests against

I figured I wouldn’t likely have the opportunity to do so with the exact same phone.  So what were the results? You can see for yourself with the attached spreadsheets. But I’ll give a personal summary.

SUMMARY – basically, along most of the highway route Verizon had better speeds. Being a lot closer to a 10mb/s average.  AT&T seemed to fall into the 3-5mb/s far more regularly.  However, near both my work and home I encountered reception issues. This made me decide to remain with AT&T, even though along most of the highway and most areas I travelled, Verizon had better performance than AT&T. That said, at one spot near the I-83/I-695 junction, AT&T exceeded 56 mb/s. For reference, 18mb/s was the top speed I achieved on Verizon.

So which network is better? Well, as you can see, it depends on personal factors. Overall Verizon was superior, but where I personally most needed cell service, AT&T performed better.  Verizon is more consistently in that 10mb/s range. AT&T in some areas really screams at 28mb/s, 50+mb/s.

But here are the data dumbs. Perhaps I might map them sometime.


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