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Google NOW, not quite there….

Google Now – high potential, but a lot of issues.
> First, location alerts are totally NOT working for me, but they work for many others. So I won’t lay this on Google. ( I am thinking this may have something to do with the nightmare AT&T Smart WiFi (and why is it whenever a company puts “Smart” in the application name, its usually an abyssmally dumb and defective application).

> Location Alert (arrival only? sometimes I need a reminder from when I depart a location, even crApple understood this)

> Set Location Alert for a given day – why does Google assume we don’t want to set a date for our location alert?

> Locations (Home / Work), why can’t I add other regular destinations? What if I work two jobs? Seriously, fail…how hard would this have been Big G?

> Why do I have to go into Settings, “My Stuff”, to see my “Reminders”.  Dear Big G, let me give you a bit of UI advice. I know UI is NOT your strong point BUT…if you force the user to go into anything labeled “settings” to access common daily data YOU HAVE FAILED!!!!
Location alerts are probably the main failing I’ve had with my Android phone. It is by far, more versatile than my old iPhone.  But seriously, I’ve not been able to get any location alerts to work yet. I swear, my phone must of come with some hidden default that prevents location alerts from working. I’ve tried a few apps.  =(
> No swipe to delete email in the non-gmail application.

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