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Article on Eyestrain and Computer Monitors

The article IMHO misses the boat. It covers the traditional basics, staring too long, at an object too close, etc, etc.

But it completely misses the real issue…”illumination”.

You see, I can stare at my eInk Kindle Reader for hours, keeping it close to my nose, with very little blinking. And yet, doing so provides next none of the strain that just a few hours of staring at my computer screen at work does. Why?

Because my Kindle, is not illuminated. It is NOT emitting light and radiation.  Where as a computer screen is sending an immense amount of light into our eyes.  Try staring at a lightbulb. You get this “glow” from the brightness.  A computer monitor is doing the exact same thing, just on a much much lower level.

And we can thank some idiot way back half a century ago who decided that computer screens should be “white” because paper is white. We would be far far better off if we inverted the screen. When with a black or gray background as the base. Not only would our eyes be healthier. But we could save millions in energy reduction. Furthermore, our mobile batteries would see a significant increase in their battery life.

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