Girl Scout Cookies

What’s going on?

First off, I understand inflation. We’re now at $4 a box. The sad thing is from my understanding, the individual troop only sees about 50 cents a box.  The council about a $1-$1.50. 

So I ordered my three favorite:
– Tagalongs, now just simply called Peanut Butter Patties
– Trefoils, now just called shortbread
– Thin Mints, which I think have always been called that. But which my kids fondly coined the term “toothpaste” cookies.

So far, I’ve been a bit disappointed this year.  First, the Thin Mints do not taste as good as they used to. They’re drier, not as much chocolate (you can actually see little holes in the surface) and something is not quite as good about the taste. Like, maybe they reduced the fat but lost some flavor.

Peanut butter patties are still decent. But wow are they way way way smaller. But they now have 15 cookies, where as they might have had 12 last time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If that is the case, but if they shrank them and they always had 15 in a box. Then they’ve really reduced the cookie factor by like 25%.

Trefoils, these are WAYYYYYYY thinner than ever before. I am not sure they’ve reduced the quantity of cookie in any way. But a lot more were broken then normal.  Thankfully, they haven’t changed the core recipe here. They are still extremely simple and extremely addictive cookies.


That said… I still think Girl Scouts missed the boat the other year when Walmart began selling clones of Girl Scout cookies. They should of basically licensed 3-4 cookies to Walmart.  Allowed Walmart to use the same recipes. In exchange for 15% of the proceeds which would go to whatever Girl Scout council oversaw the given region.

Then let ALL of the profits from those sold by Girl Scouts to stay in their troop. This would of done wonders.

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