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It’s a Wonderful Life Sequel

It’s kind of funny, they announced a new sequel in which the great grandson is shown how much better the world would be if he wasn’t born.

Well, darn, it sounds like a movie idea I’ve been pitching…LOLZ (see my sketch up below.)


“It’s a Wonderful Death”

Plot Synopsis: A sort of re-visit on James Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful  Life” with a twist.

In the year 1998 the main character, went bust in the dotcom and  nearly commits suicide – stopped by a chance intervention. (Chance  intervention being him saving someone else’s life, such as a Karl Rove  type figure.) He’s been struggling to make ends meet ever since.  And  questions himself as to whether he and his family would have been  better off if he had just committed suicide, at least his family would  have had the life insurance payment.

He is given a chance to see how the world would have been different  without him.  What’s worse, is that the new world he sees appears to  be much better without him. Al Gore won the election in 2000. The  World Trade Centers are still standing, and 2008 is the biggest stock  market boom on record. There is peace in the Middle East.  In fact,  everything seems like it’d be much better off if he wasn’t in the  world.

Until he encounters his adult children. Instead of the happy marriage  his daughter is now in an abusive relationship. His son, strung out on  drugs.

The father is faced with the choice of making a better world. Or being  there as a positive influence in his children’s lives. Essetially, the  crux of the plot is on the importance of Father’s being involved in  the lives of their children.

Additional thoughts: Move focus from typical Christmas time period of  such films (It’s a Wonderful Life, Family Man) and go with a Father’s  Day timeline.   I believe the film could be done on a moderate budget, even an  independent film budget as it does not require many special effects.  (Altering CNN headline to show Al Gore winning, inserting the World  Trade Centers in the background of NYC again.)   I feel that we need more films that encourage fathers to be involved  in the lives of their kids.

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