Where the Star Wars Saga could go..

There is an interesting story that often goes unnoticed about theprequels.

They explain and highlight an ongoing failure.Anakin is trained by Obi-Wan, who was trained by Qui Gon Jin, who wasin turn trained by Count Dooku who was trained by Yoda.  (And who trained Yoda? Oooh…that could be fun. Hadn’t even thought of that.Who or what trained Yoda nearly a millenium earlier?)

But one of the tenants of the Jedi was that they put away things likelove, relationships, etc. They went to a very judicial path. What was the result? Anakin was refused the option to rescue his mother from slavery.(Let’s not even get into how or why the Queen of Naboo would not havesent an emmissary to purchase her freedom. Cause that would of been a no brainer. This is the mother of the hero who saved your wholeplanet.) Later when Padme falls out of the aircraft in their pursuit of Count Duku, Anakin is once again reprimanded to stay focused on themission.

You see, to the Jedi, it is not just anger and fear that arethe dangers. It is the fact that love, relationship, attachment mightlead to those paths. (Think of the old joke about why baptists areafraid of sex, it might lead to dancing.)

Yet, when Yoda had the opportunity to stop Count Dookuhe did not. Heallowed Count Dooku to escape in order to save the lives of youngAnakin and Obi Wan.

Wait…that seems at odds with the guidance thathas been tossed around.  Was even Yoda starting to be at odds with thetenants of the Jedi?  Perhaps even realizing that there was something wrong.  But clearly, come the Empire Strikes Back, Yoda is still strongly attached. When Young Skywalker sees his vision of his friendsin trouble, he wants to help. Yoda advises against it. But Skywalker goes and helps anyways. In fact he does it again to rescue his father from the Darkside. 

And this…is the subtle fact that distinguishes Anakin from Luke.Anakin, endeavored to obey a misguided tenant. He didn’t help those heloved when they needed him. The result was a path that led to anger,hate and the darkside.The Sith on the other hand are all about embracing their intensities.Anger, hate, fear, passion…there is the classical opposition ofchaos versus order, the ying and yang.  But as evil as the the Sith are, the Jedi’s failing stands out strongly.

Look at Qui Gon Jin, whom diverged from the Jedi’s tenants. Who wouldhave been on the council if he wasn’t doing his own thing. Had Qui Gontaken Anakin as his padawan, would he have refused him to return andretrieve his mother?

What hate could drive Anakin to kill younglings, to kill on a level ashe did in Episode III?  It wasn’t hate for an individual. I think it was hate for the Jedi Order and it’s tenants. The realization that even the younglings were but tools for this twisted cult in which itwas more important to be a part of the mold than to do right, to helpthose you cared about. An order which refused the right to love.

I postulate, that the Jedi Order was NOT a good thing. How could ANYTHING sans love be considered good?

Imagine now from that perspective, a realization of just how flawedthe Jedi were. And you understand that a really cool plot line couldbe developed. One in which Luke Skywalker made the realization that the Jedi Order must allow feelings of love, even of anger and hate. Beangry but do not sin.  Being angry is not in and of itself the crime,it is what actions we take while angry.  And a Jedi Order that recognized it’s members humanity (or personhoodity since we’re dealingwith many non-humans), would be far greater than the Jedi Order of old.

We can trace the training of Anakin all the way back to Yoda.  And I postulate this is the flaw that was taught. This is why Count Dooku, Qui Gon Jin, Anakin all fall away to some level or another.

This should be part of the tale of the new films.  They should delve into the flaws of the Jedi order. 

Perhaps with the rumor of some ancient evil force.  We could see some of this explored.  First off I would love this force to in fact be the Jedi who apprenticed Yoda. And what if said evil was neutral to the nth degree. Destructive neutral.  You need positives and negatives in motion in order to make electrical energy.  What if this evil merely sought perfect neutrality. A universe in which the essences of good and evil are removed.  A universe in stasis.

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