Amazon Prime is awesome….all these boxes…not as much.

I love Amazon. I make probably 70% of my purchases from Amazon. Their customer care is amazing, or Amazoning as I like to say. And I will even pay a couple bucks more to order from Amazon just for that peace of mind.

But one downside of being an Amazon fan is the flood of packaging. Now mind you, I prefer Amazon’s to almost everyone else. Their boxes are uniform and that actually makes them more easy to re-use, stack, etc.  But still, between the expense, the environmental impact, and just how much space they take up in the recycling bin….I’ve long thought there is a better way.

Recently, I saw that Amazon’s Kim Houchens is researching just that.  So Kim, here are a few ideas I have on the matter.

  • Chinese Takeout
  • Coke Cans and Lotto Tickets
  • LEGOS, everybody loves LEGOS


Chinese Takeout

The first idea, is to redesign boxes so that they are shaped like Chinese takeout containers – making them insertable and stackable.  Designed properly, stacked alternating every other one upside down, and one could fit nearly the same number of boxes on a shipping pallet.


Coke Cans and Lotto Tickets

The second idea, involves getting these packaging materials back to Amazon.  Drop-offs at the post office, the post office then delivering them when they have a full stack.  But how to encourage people to actually return them? I believe a combination of two ideas would be fairly successful.

  • A box deposit, say 25 cents for every returned box scanned in.
  • A lottery, where each scanned box counts as an entry.

Every day a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Every week a chance to win a $100 gift card. Monthly $1,000 gift card winners too.  And one lucky entry a year wins’ Cyber Monday’s $1,000,000 Amazon gift card. Heck, teenagers might start riding their bicycles thru the neighborhood collecting Amazon boxes from people as an alternative to the decline in newspaper deliveries.


LEGOS, everybody loves LEGOS

Why not provide a second life to Amazon’s boxes.  One thing nice about Amazon is that they use a number of standard sized boxes.  Retooling the other sizes to be ratios of the “Prime” box would open up some really cool possibilities.

“Imagine if all the boxes were different colors.  Imagine if those boxes could be stacked and used like giant LEGO building blocks. Imagine pre-schools filled with Amazon building blocks.”

Imagine if you could take all of those boxes and easily convert them to building blocks? All it would really take is tape that had a Velcro feature. In fact, Amazon could even sell that separately. Apply to top and bottom of box and it becomes a stackable building block.  Amazon could even start coloring their boxes to increase appeal to children.

Granted, I believe Amazon would come up with something a little better than such Velcro dots. But you get the point.  Suddenly, all these boxes become giant building blocks.  We reduce the waste and environmental impact. And imagine the marketing…. imagine millions of kids growing up fondly remembering the building blocks with the “Smile” on them – you can’t buy that type of marketing.

So Kim Houchens, have at it…  =)


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