The Weasley Twins – what happened next?

This meme popped up. And I’ve long had a theory about Fred and George. For all the rambunctious actions at Hogwarts, there is no way (or so I feel in my heart) that Fred, having been killed defending Hogwarts, would not have manifested as a new ghost to haunt the halls of the school.

So when I saw this meme posted on facebook, I began writing a response. Apparently, FB does not allow posts over 8,000 characters. Oops. Guess I best post it here.

If you are one who’s heart has long been troubled by Fred’s death, than I hope this brings some mirth and laughter, and gives your soul a place to hope in. And perhaps one day, J. K. Rowling will read this and canonize this tale of Fred. (I do understand that we were supposed to feel loss, and that war, even in magical stories, has it’s casualties. There were plenty of characters we loved and lost. So why not a little bit of hope for one. Whatever one’s faith or beliefs, we all need hope that those we love do go on…be it in an afterlife, reincarnated life, or even just in the memories of those whom said lost loved one’s life touched. So here’s what my heart says happened.)


Except that George saw his brother every time he visited Hogwarts. And laughed so hard hearing how Fred continuously tricked Peeves into bumping into the Baron and taking most of the blame for his pranks. And how most staff at Hogwarts hadn’t even figured out he was haunting the place yet.

And Fred always apologizes at that point. Because he hid for 5 years before he revealed himself to his brother. Five unbearable years. But he knew it would be the best prank. Everyone knew, if one was going to haunt Hogwarts, they appeared the year of their death. Well Fred knew he was going to be the best ghost Hogwarts ever had, and pull the best pranks too. But he knew in order to do that, it would work best if no one knew he was a ghost.

But once George knew, they pulled the best pranks ever done. You see, never had there been a pair like them alive. But with one alive, and one dead, they pulled pranks that were unheard of.

You see, when a ghost is an identical twin, even though one may age, it is extremely easy for the ghost to hide within the brother.

As such, when those faculty began to suspect that there must be another ghost. George would come and visit. They’d plan an elaborate prank, and before Fred could be caught and found out, he would hide inside George and walk right by. Sure, ghost alarms would trigger, and what not. But clearly, it was just George pulling some sort lf prank.

Though one time, the heat came down a bit hard on George. So Fred concocted a plan in which to clear George and show he was innocent. He led a few faculty off the trail by revealing himself. While George was placed into a confinement circle to prevent his using any magic. When it was clear that what was transpiring could not be done by George while in confinement. He was cleared. The head of Hogwarts, then quite frustrated, confronted the paintings of past headmasters. Most offered no words of wisdom, saying that all headmasters had to deal with their fair share of problems. And disturbing their rest over mere pranks was inarguably rude. And that if the current headmaster could not handle a few students pranks, then they question whether he was in deed qualified to be headmaster and should not resign and step down. Let someone more capable handle the problem. “Or one perhaps with a greater sense of humor.” That last comment came from a beady eyed old headmaster with a long beard. Dumbledore was his name. He was the only headmaster to provide a response with any sort of insight. When the present headmaster exclaimed that there should have been no way for George to done the things he’d done. Not while entrapped inside a binding shere and induced to unconscious sleep. He was even given a herbal tonic grown and prepared by the potions master to temporarily subdue magical talent. It was frankly, impossible!

To which the grey haired Dumbledore replied, I remember the Weasley twins quite well. Their antics as students were quite unheard of before or after. More than once I had to calm a flustered faculty member of mine after falling victim to one of their pranks. And I do confess, a fair number of times once alone in my chambers laughing with admiration at a few. Rarely ever cruel, were their pranks. And many things they accomplished were often referred to as impossible. I never put too much beyond that pair when they were together. Such a tragic loss. I do not know for which I am more saddened. The twin, who had his life cut short of the twin who had to live the rest of his life as half himself.

The headmaster retorted. “Yes, it was a well known tragedy of that era. But what advice can you give me concerning the present matter?”

The old headmaster briefly removed and cleaned his spectacles. Upon replacing them and pushing them up the brim of his nose slightly as he sighed… “If it is as you say, an impossibility that George could of done these pranks. Then it is clear to me that one would have to conclude that George was indeed innocent. And that the malignment and blame poured fourth in recent years was unwarranted. In which case, one would undoubtedly expect a formal apology in response to Hogwart’s formal accusation. The conclusion would suggest that these events are to be attributed to some yet unknown party.

My dear fellow headmaster, have you considered that these ghastly pranks may indeed be the work of just such, and that perhaps Hogwarts has another as yet unknown ghost lurking about it’s halls. And about time, I do say, as our collection of ghosts here at Hogwarts had been becoming all too mellow and predictable if you ask me. A good school always has good ghosts to keep its students on their toes.”

The current headmaster sighed mumbled “thank you”, then turned his chair and rose up to depart the headmaster’s chamber….and then with the headmaster’s back turned, Dumbledore painting could be seen to give a wink toward the wall in the corner. Where a faint shimmer of Fred briefly manifested to wave at Dumbledore.

Fred and George, thought this to be a fitting prank to celebrate their 40th birthday together.

Shortly after that day, incoming students began talking about a hitherto unknown ghost at Hogwarts that went by the name Cúpla. Cúpla quickly earned a reputation as a ghost that had a nack for helping students get out of trouble. One of the most common tales being that Cúpla had stolen their homework assignment and promised its return after they completed some dumb quest. In fact, Cúpla never did such a thing. Rather, when Cúpla heard a student being stressed or crying about not completing an assignment and fearing failing out of Hogwarts. He’d make a deal. Firstly, they could never tell a soul about the deal, unless they too had made a similar deal with Cúpla…or he’d haunt them. In reality, he just had them swear a lesser unbreakable vow that if broken just have a month of diarrhea. But they didn’t know that, and even thoughts of breaking led to immediate nausea. Second, there was no homework to steal…but Cúpla would buy them a week or two. Give the student some silly quest, which usually revealed some neat tunnel, room, or Hogwarts feature that was becoming forgotten. And then once done, they would deliver the assignment to Cúpla. Then they would complete whatever silly task the ghost had assigned. And upon completion of said task, Fred would quickly whisk by, dropping their homework as he did so.

And what do you ask happened to those who never finished their homework? Well, they were presumed to be liars who falsely claimed their homework to have been taken by Cúpla. Except for the Charlie Longbottom, whom Fred did indeed steal his nearly completed potions term paper, and who never finished his quest, which entailed asking for ten kisses.

Poor Charlie had never had even one kiss. The thought of having to ask ten students for a kiss was beyond daunting. However, the first name, happened to be his biggest crush in the entire school. After four days young Charlie built up the courage to ask Ms. Tabitha Green for a kiss, it was for his homework after all. He was amazed when she consented to let him kiss her, for his homework’s sake, they both agreed. But he was far more taken aback when Ms Tabitha Green unexpectantly returned the kiss and they found themselves locked together in a long embrace.

You see, as a ghost, Fred moves rather freely through Hogwarts. And during his travels, Fred caught wind that the gal young Longbottom was so enraptured by, was in fact very fond of him. Fred, realized Longbottom just needed a little push to overcome his fears and self-doubts, not too unlike his father. Of course Charlie, was so distracted by the course of events, and well, frankly not interested in kissing anyone else. That he never did complete the task set to him by Cúpla. And thus upon the end of the alotted time, Cúpla deposited the shredded remains of Charlie Longbottom’s term paper upon the potion master’s desk. And as Fred had in fact stolen Charlie’s term paper, no deal had ever been struck, therefore Charlie was not bound by the unbreakable oath spell, and was free to tell the entire tale.

This resulted in several desired outcomes. Firstly, Fred has a wonderful photo of Charlie and Tabitha on their wedding day on his favorite roosting spot. Second, it affirmed the truth that students’ papers were indeed stolen. Particularly, as a new potions master turned out to be a rather sharp and insightful addition to the faculty at Hogwarts and began to suspect the ruse. The shredded copy of Charlie’s paper providing de facto proof the tales of of the paper stealing ghost were true. And lastly, as it was now clear that the paper of anyone who failed to complete Cúpla’s tasks were returned to the institute’s desk shredded, then anyone who did not get their paper back, either intact or shredded, was clearly a liar. And as such faced both the loss of their grade and disciplinary action for dishonesty. While those students who competed their late assignments were believed all the more. Meanwhile, Fred shared his antics with George on those occasions his brother visitrd Hogwarts – usually, at least once a year, at the school’s fall book sale. Weasly gag and prank books were hot sellers.

One may wonder that none of the faculty appeared to solve the mystery, and associate Fred with the ghost of Cúpla – particularly, as Cúpla was simply the old Irish word for “twins”. To be honest, Fred was not entirely sure that a few of the faculty had not indeed puzzled it out. He almost suspected the heads of Ravenclaw and Gryffyndore houses had puzzled it out together. If so, they had remained silent, and did not expose Fred’s antics. After all, he really was just encouraging students to complete their work by givinf them a second chance, and it allowed the professors an excuse not to fail a student.

So perhaps they knew, or at least suspected, but either way Cúpla continued for many years. You see, Fred and George decided that one day they would share their antics together and reveal the true name of Cúpla, pr more accurately, names…as after all, it was George’s idea. So Fred and George agreed upon a day to reveal their greatest prank. Well most of it, they still weren’t sure about revealing Cúpla had been helping the students all these years, though George recently suggested that perhaps they could reveal tyre truth to the Hogwarts staff if they could get a headmaster to take an unbreakable oath, to place all future faculty and headmasters under an oath not to reveal it and to always grade as if true, any late paper delivered by Cupla. That idea might just work.

So upon George’s death, his will would include the opening of an envelope revealing Fred and George to be behind the many antics and pranks of Cúpla, the Twins. However, Fred had been watching George age, and knew the day was coming soon when his twin would depart life. He could see George growing more frail, year after year. But recently, Fred had become saddened. He and George had long talked about George one day joining him to haunt Hogwarts together. But as the years wore on, and George’s time approached, Fred began to sense in his twin a shift. That George’s soul was attached to this world. The desire to remain with his twin and haunt Hogwarts for years to come was fading, replaced by a growing desire to venture to whatever lay beyond. Fred could see it, sense it, and increasingly he knew it to be true. Though it hard to accept the truth. His brother would likely not be joining him as a ghost. It saddened Fred, but it also stirred him to have cause to doubt himself. Perhaps one day, Fred would follow his brother George instead – and see for himself whatever was beyond. But he thought to himself, I’ve still got a few centuries worth of ideas for pranks before I do.


EDITOR’S NOTE: After George’s passing and the reveal of Fred to be Cúpla, Fred was allowed to complete his studies and graduate from Hogwarts. His diploma sits in an exhibit next to thw shredded remains of Charlie Longbottom’s potions paper, and George’s letter that was opened and read aloud at his funeral.

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