The Fantastical Fiefdom (A Dream Sequence)

The Fantastical Fiefdom (A Dream Sequence)

Not often you fly on a 747 with crazy Russian pilots, and a fun stewardess. Get met at landing by a double decker horse drawn carriage and unwittingly enter a fantastical realm in Russia 🇷🇺 and find family you didn’t know you had. Some very old ones too.

Received jewelry that matched my eyes and birth. I found out I had a title since the passing of my birth father. First Son of Brother Knight, or Son of Night. (First in the secondary line of succession. After the First Son of Day.)

Then discover there were official stewards of massage. And a young woman provided massage to help ease the tensions after the long flight. Find out that it wasn’t my first time receiving a massage there, that she remembers being young and massaging my club feet when I was very small.

Receiving a tour of some parts of the palace area with some hitherto unknown cousins. Saw an amazing kitchen. With a small salt and spice room built off the the epic kitchen.

Receiving gifts and watching the kids receive gifts. (Light a shoulder pad that turned into Stormtrooper armor. Later received ones that turned into an X-Wing and an A-Wing suit fur Jericho. Yes, they allowed us to fly. )

Then my daughter Zia was sad because she got a message that her great grandmother was dying (though all have already) and there was no way to get there. Though when asked why she was upset and crying by an old great aunt, aunt replied its not necessarily impossible. Then someone handed me a gift for my daughter. We open it up to see three small nested cages, and inside a several inch long Pegasus like horse dragon fluttering about like a hummingbird. Zia got upset “that’s NOT going to help with my dying grandmother” and she throws it. I pick it up and tell her, it just might, as I realize it has shrunk even smaller to the size of the secondary cage. So I shake it again and it flutters about frustrated but I note it now fits the smaller cage. I shake it again and it is small enough to fit in the smaller one. I tell.Zia I think it might. Get in…and I shake it one more time. And it flutters, pauses with a semblance of understanding. Then the cube bounces up and explodes. A flurry of garment streamers. As the two of them flit away.

Another house had a hot tub and large swimming pool insideb which were revealed when you pressed a button to lower the tile floor into the pools.

It was a kingdom mixed with magic and modern technology. I then ventured outside the walls and gardens to a nearby town. But now of the residents remembered or knew of them. They’d been forgotten.

I returned to inform them. But my newly discovered cousins prevented me. We got into a fight. This is when i realized I could tap into and access the magic as well. Lighting cackled as a fought, eventually attracting the attention of the elders.

One elder of note. This one was dragon kin. And whom much of the magic of the realm entered thru. I told my tale. And they decided to venture out and see for themselves. They all prepared and made ready. Dressed ornately. Older ones carried on chalices. Elaborately tall hair-do’s.

Over they ventured out, people of the small city thought it was some sort of weird art parade. The elders realize no one remembered them, not realize they had been kept safe by the elders. The elders were also shocked to discover there was no Czar. Afterwards, the elders decided they’d been to reliant upon their magical realm and needed to have greater interaction with the surrounding area.

A day or so later it is announced that we had to all get ready as the fiefdom would attend the Olympics opening ceremony. We had a small encampment by a river for the opening ceremonies.

Afterwards, the sun war setting, the stars beginning to show…the dragon-kin elder approached me and said it was time for change.

He stood up, despite his slender frailness, opened his cloak. And streams of sparkling silvery and gold dust streamed up into the sky. He was releasing the greater portion of his magic. As he did so, many more states began to appear in the even sky. Not far from me the eldest of the matriarchs spoke softly, “Finally, the day has come, the stars are returning, as foretold.”

Soon after I return home…

(At this point I woke up, wrote a bunch of this, and then went back to sleep.)

In the next dream I made inquiry but no one seemed to comprehend what I was sharing. Even someone in intelligence could find no mention of what I spoke of. It was almost enough to make me doubt. I continued to seek references on the web. I was confused. We had just attended an Olympic ceremony in Russia. But therr was no recent ceremony, and other than the winter Olympics, there had not been one in a while. In fact, the last one was in 1980 – the Moscow Olympics. The one the U.S. boycotted. And there in a tiny video fragment i could see the encampment. Those were fireworks. They were the silver and gold glitters of the stars returning.

It all made sense suddenly. The magic of the fiefdom altered the passage of time. It explained how a woman younger than i, could remember massaging the club feet of me as an infant. It explained how i could be at the opening ceremonies of the 1980 Olympics, and yet they still had access thru others tp the modern world.

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