Simple things for teachers and schools to protect children mass shootings

NOTE: This was initally written as a reply to a friend on Facebook.

Studies of mass shootings, the fatalities are greatly reduced when the is prevented access thru the door into the room.


1. If you can convince your school. And depending on the building design. But an 8″-10″ piece of rebar and a 4″-6″ whole will prevent most any well made door from being kicked in. Can cut a steel pipe a d set into drilled holes, especially prudent of wood floor. If the door opens outward. This technique can still be utilized by mounting a steel eye bolt at the base of the door. The rebar is slid thru the eyehole and into the floor hole.

Any windows in doors should have an easy way to cover them quickly.

2. If you don’t have a bookshelf in your classroom? You should! Have a book shelf full full of books. Large dense books. Encyclopedias are great. Paper is fairly good at stopping bullets. A few inches will stop most hand gun rounds. Having prevented the perpetrator from entering the room. They will likely fire shots thru the walls. This creates a barrier that helps provide protection by slowing down and impeding those bullets. And which students can hide behind.

3. Keep a few cases of paper in your room. Give each child two reams of paper to hold in front of them. Ducked low they can shield their head and heart. Two reams of paper will stop many if not most hand gun rounds. Especially after they had to go thru the bookshelf first.

4. Fish tanks are beautiful. Glass ones can break. But acrylic ones are a bit more durable. Remember that bookshelf. Put a large acrylic aquarium on the other side. Bullets don’t go thru water well. By the time the bullet passes thru the acrylic aquarium (one shot will shatter glass ones), then thru the bookshelf behind which all the kids are hiding, then thru two reams of paper. Even most rifle rounds have been stopped.

These 4 things. Keeping the shooter out and preventing bullets from penetrating the main head/torso region often is the difference between experiencing no fatalities and many funerals.

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