IDEA: Stranger Things – Season 4

This is my idea for a final season of Stranger Things. I think this would be a brilliant way to end the series. Curious if you agree?


PREMISE: They wind up going thru a portal. And find themselves in a land that appears to be akin to the Garden Of Eden. Luschious fruit everywhere.

They feast on some delicious juicy fruit but find themselves utterly lost. They come to a patch that seems less so. There are a couple withered trees. And tall grass seem to all be laid flat toward a small tree with a broken branch.
That’s when one of the kids discovers footprints. At first there is elation. They have found a path to someone. That’s quickly diminished when Eleven points out that the footprints are theirs.
They’re confused. None recall passing a part of land that looked distraught like this. That’s when they realize, these are the trees they ate fruit from.
As they approach the trees hundreds of fluffy seed pods release from the grasses and actively move to block their approach.
A larger one alights upon Eleven’s shoulder. She screams. The others come rushing over asking if she is hurt.
Shaking her head, she points to the trees and says “They are…”
The large fuzzy seed pod unfolds into a fairy like creature. Which manages to communicate with Eleven and even exchange some understanding for words.
“They’re alive…everything is alive. We’re murderers.”
The discovery, is that they are in the “Rightside Up”. A realm in which everything is full of life. And which until today, had no understanding of death. Until today, no living thing in the realm had ever consumed another for nourishment. In fact, in the Right-side Up…what we would typically view as plants and trees in fact feel greater anguish and pain at harm than the creatures that move about.
In this realm that the human children have entered, this “Right-side Up”, they are the “demigorgans”.
They are the strange beasts that seem to ravenous consume the life around them. And now Eleven and her friends, with the help of their Seedpod friend and other fairy-like creatures they encounter. Must find a way to return back to the Earth-realm. And every day as their hunger grows, the struggle intensifies. And when hunger reaches the point where the pangs ache and hurt…what do they do? What…no whom…do they eat?
And what will the consequences be to this realm that never knew death?
And why did so much of the area around the tree wither and dye off.
Lucas (assuming they’re all still around after S3) blurts out “bacteria”. The horrific understanding dawn’s upon them. Even if they refrain from eating in this realm and manage to find their way home. It may be too late. They may have already set in motion the entirety of destruction for this beautiful peaceful realm.
[Couple thoughts on how to conclude it. Entailing them returning back to their origin point. And Eleven essentially burning out her powers to destroy an entire section of the realm. Every where they had traversed. Pulling it out of existence and into the Upside Down. Ensuring no bacteria or aspect of the earthly realm remained in the Right-side Up. But leading to the death of uncountable creatures. But the little Seedpod affirmed Eleven that her plan of action was the only way to save its realm. And the kids realize that their little friend has touched and interacted with them. That it has been contaminated by the earthly realm. Thata it is saying that it understands it must die as one of the earthly touched creatures.
Eleven and her friends find themselves back upon earth. Though Eleven has no sense of abilities anymore. In her hand, is a small seed pod. No longer animated. No longer alive. But for all appearances, now a mere ordinary looking seed (of no known earthly variety).
They go to the park….and find a protected shelter spot. And there Eleven buries the seed pod. The kids mark a little grave. As they depart, Eleven turns back.
What? Shes asked? Nothing…i just..i just thought I heard her voice again. …. “I miss her.”
As the credits begin to roll, we see the silhouette of an older Eleven under an unusual tree. Tall, long slender arching branches, brilliant multicolored iridescent flowers.
As the credits end, we see a few small children looking and stone with a small plaque.
“Eleven – 109 years of life & Seedpod, many many more…”
The tree now has a massive trunk, huge arching branches that form an umbrella-like canopy adorned with iridescent flowers. And we see several smaller trees growing in neighboring areas of the park.

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