Ensign Worf and the Koyabashi Maru

Would be fun to have a CGI series do four episode story arcs of each crew member and how they entered Starfleet, or in the Academy.***Ensign Worf – while he did not pass the Koyabashi Maru exam, only Ensign James T. Kirk ever did that. He is noteworthy as the only other email to complete the exam without a phaser or disrupter being fired. Largely, due to being the first Klingon to ever take the exam. As soon as the Klingon battle cruisers decloaked, Ensign Worf issued a blood duel challenge to the Klingon Fleet Commander for command of the fleet – it being the right of any Klingon in command of a warship.The duel lasted two hours and eleven minutes, before Ensign Worf succumbed to his wounds. Ensign Worf had to be brought to sickbay due to multiple bone fractures, torn ligaments, and internal bleeding. The medical report states that “While the training holo-simulation is prevented from inflicting injuries on the participants. The ensign sustained systemic injuries from the strenuous strain he placed on his own body. Simply put, Worf broke his own bones thru raw physical exertion.Ensign Worf’s actions led to a second quandary. You see, after Worf’s loss to the Klingon Fleet Commander, there was confusion on the part of the Klingons on what to do with his ship and crew. A number of Klingon captains said both the ship and crew were war prizes. However, a number of more senior Klingon captains held firm that by tradition, his ship and crew were now members of the fleet. While numerous historical records documented cases of the challenge being made within the fleet, and between Klingon fleets in the midst of civil wars. No cases documented the oath being invoked by a Klingon captain of a warship not in the service of the Empire.The Klingon Fleet Commander’s final decision. The ship was a part of the fleet. Any of Captain Worf’s crew that swore loyalty to the Empire would be recognized as part of the fleet. Those who did not, would be executed for treason. Just under two thirds of Worf’s crew swore loyalty to the Empire and joined the Klingon Fleet. The remainder were spaced. And this is where the quandary came in, some felt the cadets had violated their oaths to the Federation and should be expelled. A couple felt the action was treasonous and they should all be tossed in the brig and courts martialed. The Commodant of Cadets however, recognized this was a simulation. The cadets knee it would not go beyond that day and that they would not actually commit any treasonous actions against the Federation. And recognized that most did so for the humor.Interesting historical note, while Worf did not save the Koyabashi Maru. He is one of a select few number of cadets to complete the simulation with surviving crew, and has the third lowest loss of crew in the history of the test. When inquired afterwards, Ensign Worf stated that he did not know ahead of time if the challenge would be recognized. And he made it knowing that it was unlikely the simulation would let him defeat the commander, but hoped that even if he died. That his death might spare his crew.Starfleet Academy has since updated the Koyabashi Maru simulation to take into account species of crew. And alter the opposing fleet to be of non-command crew species. In fact, a recent simulation when facing a highly diverse crew used a Federation fleet (from the mirror-verse of course) as the opposing fleet.

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