Dear Game Makers – You’re doing leveling wrong!!!!

Just hit level 20 in Jurassic World: Alive.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Reach level 60, and you’re all done. No more leveling. Thing is, you can reach this in the first few months of play. Yet, here you are, still receiving experience boosts that are completely useless – as if they’re prized result.

Pokemon go…peak out at a max level.


Here is what is wrong with max levels

1. Ends reward and recognition for labor.

2. Games often continue to award useless bonus items.

3. No comparison metric.

So what’s the alternative? Divide 1 by 3, what do you get? 0.33333…

An infinite repeating fraction!


So how can this help gameplay? Construct levels, not as a max limited integer scale. Rather, denote “1” as perfection. And frame level as a fraction approaching “1”.

So a player who plays for a year may be level “.968474”, but a player who has played for years may be level “.9936792”. Used as a multiplier in game mechanics, both levels will have near identical effect on game mechanics. But the approaching “1” as perfection allows continued recognition, continued improvement, and is unreachable. So those 50% XP boosts still have an affect for bragging rights. And when a need in game play mechanics is required (who has initiative) there is still a simple mechanic for comparison.

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