IDEAS: Android Daily Ad Panel

Ugh…just cause I <insert> “justification”, does not mean I want or consented to daily emails and notifications!

Just cause I…

  • Bought something at your brick and mortar, and chose “email receipt”.
  • Bought something from your online store.
  • Installed your application.

That said, I also understand you are a business and want to reach me marketing wise.

So why not a compromise…

New Android feature…

Daily marketing panel. So no more marketing notifications displayed by each app. (And a push to direct such emails more into SPAM.)

Instead, all such notifications of sales discounts, specials, marketing appear in a single popup. That can be displayed by a) alpha sorted name, b) company logos c) deal types (coupon, sales, etc).

This way important notifications are not lost in a flood of sales notices. Honestly, most od which we swipe away or delete. And we get so much in the habit of doing so, that we find ourselves often swiping away before even looking at the deal.

But dang, its tiring hitting unsubscribe and companies we’re increasingly ignoring emails and notifications. This would make them more meaningful, and less invasive. Enough so that we can glance and see if there is anything of interest today in the plethora of notifications.

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