I’m calling it… Tesla “CYBERTRUCK” is a “dumptruck”

Many are scouring the two released images, particularly the one for the 11/21 Unveiling invite, for clues on Tesla’s soon to be unveiled CYBERTRUCK.First release, presumed back of CYBERTRUCK

And second image in the invitation to the unveiling.

I have seen many argue whether the second image depicts the front or the back of the vehicle, with most concluding it is the front.Recently, someone took the odd fonts Tesla used to spell CYBERTRUCK and fit them together thusly…

and others took it further, based on the second released image depicting a very sharp nose to create the following…


Now, I am not saying they are wrong in concept. But I am dubious the design would be so rigid. And while tinkering around with the two released images, I reached a different conclusion. I believe the first image is the back of the truck bed with a cover on it, as do most who have viewed it.

But I believe the second image also depicts the back of the CYBERTRUCK. And what people are presuming is a sharply downward angled windshield, is in fact, the bed of the CYBERTRUCK. And that we are seeing a very nicely lifted tailend, and the downward slope arises from the truck bed being angled and raised to facilitate the dumping of material.

That’s right. I believe at least one option tier for Tesla’s entry into the workhorse market entails a “dumptruck” feature incorporating an electrically powered hydraulic lift.

Below you will see my edits tinkering with the two released images. My highlighting of the bed in raised position. And an overlay of released image #1 atop of released image #2.

Elon, am I right?



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