Ten Strategies to Help YOU thru Depression

For those of us who struggle with periodic bouts of depression. Be they caused by chemical imbalances or is a justifiable reaction to difficult life circumstances.

  1. Okay, so what’s got you down? Usually there is a trigger. It can be very small, but it is the event or thought that tipped the scale.
  2. Realize these things come in waves. It’s part of the brain’s processing. I find it takes a day and a half to three days for the brain to process.
  3. Get sleep, I’ve found I’ll have a really stressful series of dreams. But these dreams are my brain processing the issues of life and essentially “de-fragging” my soul.
  4. Nutrients. Powerload. Hydrate. Vitamins (B6) are good. Get some animal protein and fat in you along with fresh produce. BLT’s are great for this. Fresh oranges also are help. Fresh lime in water too, and helps hydrate.
  5. Pick 1-3 friends to verbally release.
  6. Masturbate – awkward as it sounds, it can help. But usually only if you’ve done the above. A climax is essentially a physical reset.
  7. Bath with Epsom salt. Gets the magnesium our body has trouble absorbing thru digestion.
  8. Pray. Talk to the divine, to the universe, question, cuss him/her out.
  9. Sleep the night thru with the lights on. Can help reset circadian rhythm.
  10. Know you have friends, family, kids, that love you, admire you, enjoy you.

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