Savor the “Now”

As I watched a video (linked below) shared by a younger friend, I noted the music video didn’t entail tons of scene changes, it was more akin to a still painting, except for the ever-shifting shawl that draped across and thru the entire scene.  The memories of our life intertwined and draped thru this existence. It led me to write this (apologies for it’s length). But if you’re at all struggling or feeling lost in life, please read it thru.  I think it will help anchor you.


Sometimes you do it all, you do it right, only to find yourself standing there lacking that which you’ve earned and worked so hard for. Seeing folks reap rewards without effort expended. 
Then you turn and see friends, who faced a much harder road then you. Friends of color, friends whose beauty only shines beneath their surface, and so on.  Maybe a few even found success, but you see many who succumbed to the hardships.  Perhaps poverty, prejudice, or health limited their opportunities, preventing them from attending college, or pursuing their dreams. 
We allay ourselves with false platitudes. I should be grateful for my privilege, I should focus upon what I have and not what I lack, and so on, and so on … but we find that we still ache and long. 
We look back fondly on moments of the past. Times with friends, times when we traveled, camped, danced for days to the sound of bands, memories of playing hard. We also bear the burden of regrets that bare our soul’s pains. Nouns – persons, places, and things; we expended the energy of our lives into, only to find ourselves betrayed. 
What then? What now?
I’ve lived this. I’ve watched my younger friends live this. And the shadows of those lives further ahead of me chatter of the pains that increase as life withers. 
Where the heck do we go from such words above? Am I only expressing the sorrows of life? To further those already depressed? To leave without hope those who read these words?
No! Absolutely not. But the point of these words is not to give you hope, or prepare you for what the future holds. Nor to make you wait for a solution yet to come. 
The solution to these words is here now. That’s it. The Now!
This is the secret to joy.  Enjoying the now. Regardless of what you are facing today, what options you have in the cards to play, you have a “Now”.  Maybe that now = working every day, commuting every day, sitting in class and writing reports every day, or sitting every day home alone in front of Netflix. 
The secret to joy, is to continuously see the “now” and enjoy what is found in the now. Does this mean we ignore the hardships and pain? Nope. You can’t. It WILL hurt. What it means, is to meditate on those elements of beauty, of uniqueness, and of fondness that we encounter every day. 
When we pass by the flower on our way into our car to commute to work, school, or city bus. Pause…enjoy the beauty of the flower. Can’t pause, running late, the bus is coming around the corner and you’re dashing 100 yards with four bags of groceries, one of which is tearing. Do you stop to smell the flower and miss your bus?  Of course not. Doing so would add stress and static into your life. But when you sit your butt down, be it in the car or the city bus, then reflect on the flower. Take joy in having glimpsed it’s beauty. It’s fleeting, a few more days, and that flower’s opportunity to be seen will be gone with its passing. Likewise, don’t take your eyes off the road, but make sure you enjoy that gorgeous full moon setting below the horizon on your morning commute. Labor to complete your term paper assignment, without forgetting to be gleeful about having access to a quantity of knowledge that sages of old imagined belonged only to the gods. Now, it is carried in the palm of our hand. We don’t even fathom as we pine for the lost library of Alexandria, our philosophical idols would have gladly burned the lighthouse to have the knowledge and ability to share a thought to the entire world, that we routinely hold in our hand. 
So that’s my lesson for today. And my homework assignment for joy. 
As you read this, most likely reading it in the palm of your hand. Fathom how rich you are, a library greater than Alexandria, a pulpit with an audience that exceeds any lecture by Plato or Socrates, a camera far superior to any that was ever held by Ansel Adams,  computing power thousands of times that which conveyed man to the Moon.  
So what do you want to know today? What one thought would you say to the world today? What sight great or small did you see worthy of sharing with the entire world? 
So that’s the secret of joy. It’s not being happy all the time, nor is it being happy with every circumstance of life.  It’s enjoying life in the moment. Every day. Every moment. Finding those amazing moments that are so often hidden by our own negligence of thoughts. And rather than casually skipping past them. Dwell upon them and savor them.

“Savor the tasty beautiful morsels of life. Savor the NOW!”

(This is a lesson I’ve learned. With help from having observed my mom, who has continuously sought to enjoy living life throughout all circumstance.)

Here is a link to the video referenced above that my friend shared “Delete Forever” by Grimes.


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