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Correlation of COVID-19 Mortality and Obesity

In response to those who feel that the U.S. lagged behind or that our political leadership is the determining factor in regard to U.S. deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It’s important to recognize that this has affected nearly every nation regardless of nation-state, government, political leadership, etc.

Likewise, regardless of who was in the Oval office, America would of been hit fairly hard. I doubt there would be more than a +/-10% deviation between a Trump, Hillary, or Biden presidency.

The most significant correlation that I see in regards the larger populated nations is “obesity”. COVID-19 appears to hit those with obesity especially hard.

Regarding testing, a few have cited the U.S. for being deficient in testing. However,…

The US has administered more tests than any other nation. Of the TOP 10 most populous nations, USA is #2 in tests per capita, following Russia. #3 of the TOP 25, following Russia & Italy.

Please remember that the U.S. has one of the most scattered population densities in the world.  Most nations with large populations have the majority of their populations in central locations.  Half the US population is distributed rurally. For example, nearly the entire population of Canada lives within a 100 miles of the southern border. Where as the US population density is actually more scattered than most nations of a comparable size – and that’s with factoring in Alaska.

Deaths per Capita
The true metric, deaths per capita.  Of the TOP 25 most populous nations, the US is sadly, #5. Following UK, Italy, & France.

Obesity Rate
Of the TOP 25 populous nations, 8 out of 10 nations for highest per capita death rate are also in the TOP 10 for obesity.  France & Italy being exceptions – they come in at 11th & 12th respectively for obesity.

The correlation between obesity and COVID-19 mortality is extremely strong. (see chart)


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