Jason resides in York, Pennsylvania and has a wife and one daughter – born Friday the 13th of this July.

He has been programming since year 2000 and been working with computers since 1993. He has been programming Flash based applications since around 2004.  He also has a strong interest in photography and does a bit of DJ’ing  on the side under the moniker of “The Saj”.

At present, Jason works for NXTbook Media, LLC. in Lancaster, PA. NXTbook Media publishes digital editions of magazines and catalogs utilizing Flash based technologies.

He will be attending the 360Flex conference in Seattle, WA. Perhaps he’ll see some of you there…


2 Responses to “Jason the Saj”

  1. 1 Chuck January 24, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    Hi Jason,
    I have been having similar problems with the CHARTING LICENSE. We moved up to Beta 3 and have made too many changes for the Flex app to compile using Beta 2. If you can get a charting license that will work for me for Beta 3 tomorrow or heck, even tonight, that’d be awesome.
    Pennsylvania, eh? I hope you don’t sleep 🙂


  2. 2 Jonah June 3, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Hello Jason
    My name is Jonah Huggins, and I am a programmer trying to figure out a simple syntax problem that I am having with an AIR app that I am writing.

    So here is what I am trying to do…

    I am trying to send the text that is stored in a variable to my SQLite db. I have no idea what the syntax is but I know that it is simple…

    Here is a bit of my code where the problem occurs.

    private function postComment():void {

    var commentVAR:String = commentText.text;

    var q:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();
    q.text = “UPDATE data SET comment=commentVAR WHERE prim = 1”;
    q.sqlConnection = conn;
    q.addEventListener( SQLErrorEvent.ERROR, queryError );


    As you can see I am trying to update a field by sending it the value of the variable “commentVAR”… We have tried countless syntaxes and researched for hours with no luck or example of what the syntax is for doing this simple thing, we have even tried just updating with commentText.text but “commentText.text” is what gets stored…

    Ps. Everything else works great, but when we try to get the variable’s data stored in the db it just stores “commentVAR” instead.

    If anyone could help me out on this it sure would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much :

    Jonah Huggins

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