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Adobe Flex Cookoff

A while back I did a series of posts addressing hyperlinking with a target of “_blank”; and how it was being blocked by various browsers.

Adobe had their Flex 3 Cookbook Cook-Off, and I submitted the above work-a-round.

Well, apparently I won the “Community Choice Award”:

“Community choice award: $350 (US) in O’Reilly Media books (this is the top-rated recipe during contest time period) “


I’ll have plenty of reading material for a while, that’s for sure…

UPDATE on “_blank” / navigateToURL() issue

Well, this week provided a fair amount of activity on the bug. That is technically a Flash Player bug (Reference #225434). [For those looking for an interim fix, see my blog post here.]

Well, the good news, Adobe’s recent 9.0.124 release fixes this issue for most browsers.

Safari 2, Safari 3, and Opera were all fine on Mac.
IE6, Firefox, Safari 3 were all fine on Windows XP.

The issue does remain for Firefox on OS X & Linux (Unix code versions). Hopefully they’ll fix it in 9.0.25, but it’s nice to know it’s being worked on.

Note – in Firefox on Mac, the first click worked for me, the second click would be blocked. And eventually all clicks were blocked.

How to restore lost files in Flex Builder 3…

Today I was working on a Degrafa based skin. When I hit some unknown accidental key combination and discovered the file I was working on had been closed. This closure was followed by my problems window suddenly displaying about a dozen errors.

Moments later I discovered, why! The file, along with it’s two counterpart skins were “gone”, *poof*, DELETED, gone to the digital Gehenna. Needless to say, I was quite distraught. And while you might chime in with criticism on how I should have had copies of the file stored in an SVN or similar repository; let me add in my defense that this file was less than 10 minutes old.

But I had an idea…!!!!

I created a new copy of the file with the same filename. I then used Eclipse’s version compare tool to do a comparison of the current version against older versions. Thankfully, Eclipse retained this information. I was able to easily grab my old code and copy it to the new file instance

UPDATED: Dan Wilson chimed in that you can restore files from local history as well. (Found right below “Compare with”).

Thanks Dan!

– Jason The Saj

PS – If you are unfamiliar with Eclipse’s version compare tool. You need to familiarize yourself with it. You can find more info in my Flex Builder tips’n’tricks post here:

SWFObject 2.0 not returning userAgent in IE6 (anyone else encounter this?)

UPDATE: The new SWFObject 2.0 (Release Candidate 2) resolved this issue. The examples below should now give you the browser agent info when using IE6…

The one caveat, Firefox on XP needs wmode to be set to either “transparent” or “opaque”, otherwise a pop-up occurs.


On the left side observe IE6 loading the same swf, embedded in
standard Flex 3, SWFO 1.5, SWFO 2.0. Please note that that in SWFO
2.0 we receive “null”.
Now, the left two columns shows several other browsers loading the 3rd
Note that it is working fine on Firefox XP, Safari 3 XP, Opera XP,
Firefox OSX, Safari 3 OSX. The only other exception being Safari 2,
which has known issues with externalInterface as I recall.
So clearly there is something not quite right with SWFObject 2.0
running IE6
Here are the three embed templates:….….
Source code of example:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=”
layout=”absolute” viewSourceURL=”srcview/index.html”>
private function Test():void{
Debug.text = “<<” +“function getBrowser()
{varBrowser = ”+ navigator.userAgent;alert(varBrowser);return
varBrowser;}”) + “>>”;
<mx:VBox x=”10″ y=”10″>
<mx:Button id=”btnTest” label=”Click to View userAgent Info”
<mx:TextArea id=”Debug” width=”450″ color=”Navy” borderColor=”Red”/>

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