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Third Times a Harm (iPhone/iTunes Does It Again)

It would seem that I am cursed not to successfully sync more than three times in a row.

So today I synchronized my phone. The result? I noticed an old app I had deleted. Bizarre. Then I realized ALL my folders were gone. Everything is re-arranged, altered.

This occurred after I tried to purchase an app, then ran into an issue of Apple’s terms changing (yes, the ludicrous 54 pages of terms that updates every couple of months).  I didn’t notice the alert nor proceed. So when I tried it had timed out.

I re-downloaded, bought the app, and installed it. Only to discover that all my apps are now altered. I presume it was due to synchronization but I am not sure. I’ve set it to not auto synchronize but find that it often does. It’s extremely frustrating, as I liked my folder setup. I liked the state my phone was in. Now it is ruined…again.

Sadly, restoring from back-up is not an option. Because the <sarcasm>geniuses</sarcasm> Apple doesn’t let you do back-up points. And keeps a single back-up, which it copies over at every sync. So when you have a problem, it’s too late, your back up has already been corrupted.

I am !@#$% sick of this…

As for those who complain about me complaining about my iPhone. I’ll stop when either a) the products work with any decency b) AT&T let’s me out of my contract.

Seriously, I have never dealt with a more horrendous product than iTunes/iPhone sync.  I really don’t understand Apple’s problem.  Heck, just allowing for multiple backups to be created without jumping through hoops would help tremendously.



“This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone”

Is there a reason that my iPhone constantly has to tell me this?

I’ve already come to the conclusion that there are no accessories that are optimized for the iPhone. Forget the fact that I had to spend $50 on a stupid cable to allow me to output video to my external screen.  Clearly, it’s not optimized for the iPhone – even though it came from Apple.

I can’t figure out this !@#$% message. Because my iPhone will be playing just fine in an accessory, and than *poof* up comes the alert and it screws everything up and it stops playing.

Just stop with the message crApple….thank you.

UPDATE: I had gotten it to work on my iPhone4 with some cleaning. Not something that should be needed with a fairly new phone. But alas, the cable won’t work with my phone, nor my daughters. For a $50 cable, that does what a $3 dollar cable used to do – I am disappointed.

Even more annoying, waiting for Apple’s customer support call, and it goes straight to voicemail. Thank you AT&T…

AirPrint = dud

Well I was excited about the possibility of printing from my iPhone. Something that I’ve always felt was a missing feature to begin with.  So I figure I’d either have to install something on my PC and have my phone connect, or that it’d be very limited printing – but printing none-the-less.

I was wrong. I guess I should get used to Apple disappointing.  The printing is limited to a select group of printers (approx. 10). So unless you happen to be one of the mere few thousand to own such a printer. AirPrint is merely a waste of screen space.

Oh well…

On the positive side, Apple has decided to allow for a free MobileMe account to facilitate finding your phone and other theft features. This is a great step. But I ‘ve felt for all we pay a month. We should get to sync our contacts as well.

Here’s to hoping that this is a step in the right direction.


The continuuing saga of the iPhone

The other day, iTunes synced and deleted all but 5 randomly selected contacts. It also deleted the contacts from my Windows 7 machine. Can we say NO DATA INTEGRITY.

So I still had not been able to get my iPhone to sync all my contacts after 2 months. We’d also had a lot of dropped calls. Especially my wife. We purchased an M-cell, we had the sim cards changed out. And the final solution was to have the phones replaced. Which we did last night. Apple says the logs show that the phone itself claims to have only lost a couple calls during the week. My wife probably drops a couple calls in a single phone call.

The good news on my part is that the new phone synced the contact data properly. Hmm, for an issue that wasn’t supposed to be related to the phone itself in anyway. I am sure hoping it’s resolved now.  The bad news? iTunes seems to NOT have the back-up I did right before replacing the phone.

Dear Steve Jobs,

Your software is pathetic. Using a media player to manage and sync a PDA phone is just about the dumbest thing a bulti-billionaire company has ever done.  iTunes is basically a data eating, data corrupting repository.  You limit access and control to back-ups & media, and provide no means to manage contacts and syncing.

Please, FIX your crappy sluggish memory hogging software’s performance. But most of all, please take a more data protected approach.  The most important things we have on our computer is data. And I’ve never seen a program mysteriously delete more “data” (be it songs, contacts, etc) than iTunes.

– Jason the Saj




iTunes on Windows = CrApple

Is it really really so hard to ask a media player application to not automatically hang-up on opening, or any task it endeavors to complete.

I am sorry Mr. Steven Jobs, but I know of no other application that cannot accomplish the most simple of tasks which is produced by a bulti-billionaire company. Not after 10 versions and gazillion updates in between.

Seriously, if I could get iTunes to work a 1/4 of the time. I’d be happy….

PROBLEM RESOLVED (for the moment):  SOLUTION??? Change iTunes to run in Windows XP compatibility mode. Oh mind you, ever couple release updates I have to switch the compatibility mode back and forth. Um, Apple, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot are you doing with iTunes to make it alternate between compatibility modes.

Oh, and if your stupid enough to think we blame Microsoft and Windows for iTunes performance issues. You’re wrong. Windows 7 is one of the most stable OS I have used.  And I have very very few problems with any other applications.  So really, all it does is make me think that you talk crap about other companies software while incapable of seeing the log in your own eye.

AT&T MicroCell – is it a class action lawsuit waiting to happen?

We have a problem with out local cell tower signal. It is constantly fluctuating, between 4 to zero bars. This results in quite a few dropped calls.  (Yes, AT&T, you need to get off your butt and put some of that iPhone contract $$$$ back into your crappy network.)

Yesterday, I called to complain. And was suggested a MicroCell.  I was told it was $150, but that there was currently a $100 rebate. I was given a $50 discount as well.  However, there is a $20/month service charge. This is for “unlimited minutes at home”.  We looked at the rate, and our current plan an minutes usage. We fall right into that gap, that I presume most families fall into. Somewhere above the 700 minute plan and below the 1400 minute plan.  Gone is the 1000 minute plans that most people needed. Don’t ask my why they just don’t get rid of the plans and sell minutes by blocks (ie: $10 a block) but they don’t.

Our thought was to drop our plan down a notch and utilize the MicroCell unlimited home minutes. Except, if we did that, we’d probably be right about 800 minutes. Blargh….once again caught in the “no good option” web.

So last night I picked up the MicroCell. After having 5 dropped calls in a two hour period. And having to resort to Skype to make calls.  Which made me think, why doesn’t AT&T just let you connect via the WiFi connection. (I can do that with the Skype app).

I unpacked the MicroCell. Only to discover it was not quite what I expected. I figured I was buying some boosted antenna and powered relay. A device that would pick up the signal and re-broadcast. No, what I have in fact picked up is merely a WiFi access point running in AT&T’s spectrum.  In fact, that unlimited talk they’re charging me $20 for runs on my Comcast broadband connection. So wait, now I am paying AT&T to let me use the connection I pay Comcast to use. (Not a single AT&T employee I spoke with mentioned this little fact of minor importance (er, most significant aspect) during any of the sales process.

Does this sound like the biggest scam?

Supposedly, I can drop the $20 service. But get this, if you do that. AT&T is still going to charge you for minutes (even though you’re using you’re own network connection for data transit), on top of this, I’ve heard for all those suckers who are now on the “2GB data plan”, that data usage will count towards your quota. Oh, that’s right. Even though you’re using Comcast’s cable connection to transmit data, AT&T is going to charge you…suckas.

But who will get the last laugh?  I think the consumers this time. Why? Because if Verizon gets the iPhone.  All these dropped calls, the attempts to remedy will be good faith for getting out of one’s contract.  Second, because the way AT&T is handling the MicroCell is so sketchy that I think it’s going to open them up to a lawsuit. And I think the likes of Comcast, are going to find themselves aiding and abetting such a class action lawsuit.  If I was Comcast, I’d be advertising to have anyone using the MicroCell on their network to contact them. Expressing, we don’t believe there is anything wrong with your use of such a device. But we believe AT&T’s charging of our customers for the use of our data to be in bad faith.  And I think it’d be hard to find any jury of 12 who would think it not bad faith.

It’s rather akin to having the water company charge you for using water from your own well….

It’s bad enough that AT&T is charging customers $150 for a fix to their crappy network.


Yes, I think I have fully moved back into the anti-Apple camp.

My wife dropped her iPhone. It dislodged some buttons, then later the screen went gray from a dislodged cable.  She went to an AT&T store. They sent her out to the Apple Store (about 45 minutes away).  Who did jack. Except offer to replace it for $199.

They didn’t even bother to open up the case and try to fix it.  Oh and gave the whole “moisture” BS.  Come on Apple, it’s pretty much been proved that your moisture sensor is a FAIL.  But damn if it doesn’t give you enough excuses to not do jack.

Needless to say my wife was quite frustrated. Both with the lack of service and the lack of care.

So fast forward about 2-3 days. And my iPhone goes into the perpetual reboot. Won’t ever make it past boot. Apparently, this is a fairly well documented issue that Apple’s never bothered to resolve.

Meanwhile, Steve Jobs goes on and on talking about Flash and it’s poor performance. Something I’ve never really experienced (outside of a poorly written app here and there).  Hey Steve, how about you insert your foot in your mouth and focus on burying your own crap before criticizing another company.

So once again I am stuck wasting time with my iPhone/iTunes.  The software that has wasted more of my time in the past 2 yrs than all the other software I’ve used combined.  Why thank you Steve.

Looks like I am going to have to restore my iPhone to factory settings. Lose half my contacts which I have just restored over the past few weeks.

Yes Steve, I am paranoid about evening synching this POS.  I really really hope the 4th generation iPhone overcomes some of this BS.

– The Saj

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