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Google Botches Big

UPDATE:  So I cleared out a conflicted email, which ironically was conflicted on Google tools I never really used. But it may have come down to posting on some Blogger accounts with the same account name.

The next step is uber-intuitive. Google’s addition of YouTube service to Google App accounts is not enabled by default. You must enable it before you can log in. And while Google does have a blog post stating this, it doesn’t provide much info for where to go in order to accomplish this feat.

Log into your Google Apps admin account (or other account with administrative privileges).  Then click on “Organization & Users” <sarcasm>because everybody would think to find the enable services under that heading</sarcasm>.  Next, click on the Services tab to the left of the Users tab. Scroll down, in my case, all the way to the bottom. You will see three YouTube services. Enable these….

You should now be able to use your Google for your domain email accounts to log into YouTube. In my case, I had already de-linked my YouTube account and associated it with a stock Gmail account. So I re-associated it back to my email. I am not entirely sure how the transition will go for you.

Also, my first attempt at association failed. I tried it a second time and succeeded.  I am guessing it was just a matter of latency in processing the service add request; and communicating it to YouTube.

Anyways, it’s nice to sign back in….




Recently, Google chose to migrate it’s google app accounts (ie: google hosted email accounts such as *** hosted by google) and merge them with their general account system.

But IMHO they failed big time, and should receive a “2010 Award for Biggest Botches”

The problem arises where you have utilized your email address to sign up with another Gmail service (ie: youtube).  So if you created your youtube account using an email address **** that was hosted by google.  Have fun logging in…

So what is Google’s solution to this problem? Have you create another account. Rather than merging accounts together, or recognizing that to the user it is all the same account, they’ve created quite a nightmare.  This should have been a seamless transition on the part of Google. In fact, there is no reason people on the front end should ever have had an issue.  At worst, we should have encountered an alert that read something to the effect of “This login was established separately from google domains account. Would you like to merge these accounts. Please provide authentication.”


Everything gets associated. You can log into Youtube with the same account you’ve been using for years. But nope, that’s not the way it’s done. And trying to understand Google’s cryptic instructions which seem to offer no real solution is always fun.

Google needs to take some time and hire some non-developers. People who can help Google in communicating.


Come on Google, I expect better of you than this. I’ve waited several weeks hoping the matter will improve and am finding that it’s only getting worse.


UPDATE on “_blank” / navigateToURL() issue

Well, this week provided a fair amount of activity on the bug. That is technically a Flash Player bug (Reference #225434). [For those looking for an interim fix, see my blog post here.]

Well, the good news, Adobe’s recent 9.0.124 release fixes this issue for most browsers.

Safari 2, Safari 3, and Opera were all fine on Mac.
IE6, Firefox, Safari 3 were all fine on Windows XP.

The issue does remain for Firefox on OS X & Linux (Unix code versions). Hopefully they’ll fix it in 9.0.25, but it’s nice to know it’s being worked on.

Note – in Firefox on Mac, the first click worked for me, the second click would be blocked. And eventually all clicks were blocked.

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